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The National Organization of Hispanics in Criminal Justice (NOHCJ) was chartered by the core group of Hispanics in 2003 as a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting high professional standards for criminal justice agencies and criminal justice personnel. The keystone of NOHCJ is to foster an interchange of information and training between professionals in law enforcement, the courts, corrections, and interested citizens.


NOHCJ is directed by an Executive Board which includes a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Administrative and membership functions are provided by the Executive Board and membership Chairperson. NOHCJ continues to expand it's membership nationally.




History of NOHCJ


NOHCJ traces its history back to 2003 through an antecedent organization, the American Correctional Association. The main objective of NOHCJ is to focus the attention of its members and citizens upon the needs of the criminal justice system. The emphasis at the federal, state and local level has been on the variety of challenges facing the criminal justice system.


NOHCJ strives to promote equality for people of Hispanic

descent and other minorities in the criminal justice field through examination of its members needs, concerns, talents and strengths.




1. To provide a mechanism for meaningful interchange of information between the disciplines of the criminal justice system nationally for Hispanics and other minorities.


2. To keep citizenry informed and educated as to the purposes, goals, achievements and challenges of the criminal justice system. To solicit citizen volunteer involvement and to perform and promote community service.


3. To promote high standards of professional practice in the criminal justice system.


4. To conduct national seminars, workshops and institutes and other training programs for criminal justice practitioners.

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National Organization of Hispanics in Criminal Justice

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